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New system RESONATOR-CAP (resonating stopper for flute and Piccolo) is an invention that improves the performances of your flute and piccolo. The improvements are for all types of flutes, for individual study or professional use. The replacement of the traditional stopper in cork with the one in the resonating chamber makes it easier to play your flute-piccolo in all the registers; the sound becomes richer, warmer, and more controllable. The low register will be easier to play, but above all the middle and upper octaves will become sonorous with a round and sweet sound. Another advantage that it offers to this system is that the left ear is in a position to listen to the full resonance of the instrument. Every musician, from the beginner to the professional, should try this system before searching for a better flute.The system devised allows holding the original crown of the flute on the head. The crown of the flute-piccolo can be removed or positioned rapidly in several positions on the head allowing the musician to vary the harmonic quality of the flute. Over all, if the crown comes completely inserted and screwed on the head, the flute will give a more round and classic sound. Unscrewing the stopper or removing it completely, will make the sound clearer. All the hardware pieces of the resonating - stopper are made of alloy silver-copper-steel, finished and welded by hand with silver plating.


1) Take out the current stopper system.
2) Clean the headjoint inside.
3) Check the headjoint on material smoothness inside.
4) When everyting has been checked and there are no problems, unscrew the crown of the system .
5) Insert the system from the bottom of your headjoint to the top with your flute cleaning stick(best use a plastic or wooden one) and make sure you push exactly at the centre of the system.
6) When the system is aproximately in the right position screw on the crown and adjust the position in order to tune your instrument.
The right position of the adjusting screw in the crown is completely dependent on your sound idea and we suggest you to insert the screw as deeply as possible and learn to know your "new" flute before experimenting with this possibility to change the tone. Inserting the adjusting screw will give you a more 'closed and classic' sound. For the most 'open and jazzy' sound you can leave out the adjustment screw.